Shikamaru vs Temari
Shikamaru Nara vs. Temari 
is a battle fought between Shikamaru Nara of Konohagakure and Temari of the Hidden Sand Village.


After the match between Naruto Uzumaki and Neji Hyuga, the Match between Shikamaru and Temari was about to begin, Shikamaru is forced by Naruto pushing him down into the stadium and the crowd starts booing for Shikamaru and Shikamaru starts to think about quiting and complains about fighting a female, again. Temari then gets fustrated and gets tired of waiting and attacks Shikamaru, the Attack causes dust to fill the
Shikamru Avoids Temari's Attack

Shikamaru avoiding Temari's Attack

Area and it's revealed that Shikamaru has used two Kunai's to stand on the walls and avoid the Attack. Shikamaru then tells Temari that he will preticipate since it wouldn't be good if he loss to a female. Temari then attacks with her Wind Scythe Jutsu and Shikamaru avoids the attack and retreats to trees.