Shadow Possession Technique
Shadow Possession Jutsu 
is a Technique created by the Nara Clan to capture Deer for their Antlers, but soon turned into a Secret Technique passed down through the Nara Clan. 


The User can extend their Shadow to a limit of Area and stretch on the surface, even water, and it can also go further if the User is under Shadows. The User can use their Shadow to capture and merge with the foes and make them mimic the User's movement, The User and Foe does everything at the same time, such as if the user draws a Shuriken and throws it, they would do it at the same time, however, not the same place. The Shadow is also
Shadow Possession Hand Sign

Shadow Possession Jutsu's Hand Sign

able to grow bigger or smaller, and they can also split so the User can capture more then one foe at a time. There are also many more passed down justu by the nara